Education Philosophy

At 3RCA we believe that the foundation of a sound education includes Godly morals and values and we strive to instill an excellent work ethic, integrity and accountability within every learner.

We seek to apply innovative solutions which embrace blended learning where students are exposed to a combination of e-Learning, traditional face-to-face teaching and project-based learning, that is grounded on an individualized, self-paced learning schedule.

This forward-thinking approach facilitates mastery through discovery and experience and ensures a personalized approach where learners can reach their own potential. The result is motivated learners who are inspired to learn more.


Normally learners progress through school on the basis of their chronological age and are lock-stepped as a class. Gifted students grow frustrated while waiting for the rest of the class, and slower students develop gaps in their learning as they are forced to move on.

In 3RCA, a new incoming student takes a diagnostic test to determine what his performance level is. With these results a fast-track program is created for that learner's academic needs.

The student progresses at his own pace receiving individualized attention from his teacher, while being taught to set his own goals for each day. He needs to master each bite-sized educational book (PACE) to progress through his year's work of 12 PACEs.

In this way, the student is taught to take pride, ownership and responsibility for his work. He also grows in self-esteem and confidence as he sees himself succeeding.


In order to exit High School successfully, learners have to work towards this goal by covering the learning content for Level 10, 11 and 12 with a specific exit goal in mind. Learners exit by pursuing one of the following courses of study:

IEB- National Senior Certificate through AEE and Hatfield Online College (NQF level 4)

ACE level 12 and subsequent completion of the General Education Diploma (NQF level 4, recommended for non- university candidates)

All Level 12 Learners are also required to complete the NBT bench mark test and have the option of writing the SAT .

Entrance to Universities is subject to the requirements of its individual faculties. Learners may personally apply to international universities by submitting their SAT scores and their relevant NQF 4 certificate.

Spiritual Training​

At 3RCA, building character and a love for God is our greatest priority, as it forms the building blocks for wisdom, purpose and success in life.

The school serves as an extension to parents in establishing values and character traits displayed by Jesus. These are done through the following activities:

Daily devotions in class
Personal counselling, as needed by school counsellor
Weekly Chapels (Primary and High school groups)
Life Orientation camps
Community outreaches
Monthly Scripture memorisation
Leadership camps

The Bible serves as the foundation for all spiritual training in line with Spirit Life Ministry's Statement of Faith

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. 

Proverbs 22:6

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