Little Saints Nursery School operates as the feeder school for 3 Rivers Christian Academy. It was established in 1997 on the school’s grounds and today it boasts beautiful classroom and playground facilities tucked away in the greens surrounding the Klip River.


Little Saints serves parents and children of all denominations, not discriminating on the basis of race, colour, national or ethnic origin. Our teachers love the Lord, and lavish their love and attention on the children, providing a safe, Godly and disciplined environment for them to flourish in their relationships and grow in self-esteem.


Operating Hours: Weekdays 6:50 - 17:30


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  • Baby class to Grade RR (3 months to 5 years).
  • Potty training class.
  • Skills development programme.
  • Full day or half day options.
  • Meals
  • Step-by-step curriculum.
  • English language skills programme.
  • English as language of instruction.
  • Baby stimulation programme.
  • Safe outdoor area with jungle gyms.
  • Dedicated loving staff.
  • Lessons based on bilical values
  • Hours: 06:50 to 17:30.
  • Closed on public holidays and December holidays.

The following areas are developed:


  • Cognitive: Stimulating weekly program
  • Emotional: Learning, sharing & caring
  • Social: Self confidence, manners and inter-relational development
  • Gross Motor: Body strength, control and balance
  • Fine motor:  Eye-hand co-ordination and control
  • Praise & Worship: Stories, singing & dancing
  • Spiritual: A growing awareness and love for Jesus


Raising Godly offspring through Biblical values, Character building & Skills development