We believe that the foundation of a sound education includes Godly morals and values and we strive to instil excellent work ethics, integrity and accountability within each and every learner.




Accelerated Christian Education is a Bible – based Grade R – 12 curriculum. ACE was established in 1970 and is now worldwide, with a reach in more than 140 countries.

Its philosophy of Bible – based instruction, phonics, mastery – based learning, and individualization, makes this curriculum an effective tool that

provides a high standard education to our learners.





1. The student must be on a level where he can perform.

2. The student must set reasonable goals he can achieve in a set period of time.

3. The student must be controlled and motivated.

4. The student’s learning must be measurable.

5. The student’s learning must be rewarded.


In a conventional system, learners progress through school on the basis of chronological age. The class is lock-stepped and progresses at the pace of the teacher.  Gifted students grow frustrated while waiting for the rest of the class, and slower students develop gaps in their learning as they are forced to move on, understanding only that they are academically incapable and not able to succeed.


In 3RCA, a new incoming student does not start on the course which his chronological age indicates. Instead, he takes a diagnostic test, which determines what his actual performance level is. Once this is known, a prescription or individually tailor-made program is created for that learner. In this way, no able learner is held back and less able learners can learn at a rate appropriate to their needs.


The student progresses at his own pace receiving individualized attention from his Teacher, while being taught to set his own goals for each day. He will move through his academic work in the form of bite-sized educational books called “PACE”.  As he masters each the PACE by completing the PACE test he moves on to the next. Each subject will have it set of PACE’s.


A PACE (Pack of Accelerated Education), is a bite-sized, achievable work text equivalent to a unit in a textbook. Each grade level consists of 12 PACEs in each subject.


PACEs integrate character-building lessons into the academic content and are carefully designed to develop thinking skills. Full colour explanations and illustrations add excitement to each lesson, and innovative learning activities reinforce the interesting text material.


Each PACE contains ‘Checkups’ which are mini-tests covering a section of the PACE. Upon completion of the activities and Checkups, students prepare to take the Self Test, a practice test. Here the students evaluate themselves to determine their readiness for the PACE Test.


When this is successfully completed, the student hands in the Pace and takes the PACE Test the next school morning. The PACE Test objectively measures the student’s mastery of the material.

If mastery is achieved, (90% in Gr1 to 3; 80% in Gr. 4 to 12), then the next PACE is issued.


In this way, the student is taught to take pride, ownership and responsibility for his work. He also grows in self-esteem and confidence as he sees himself succeeding.


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The ACE program caters for both national and international requirements and offers its students:

1. General Education Diploma (GED) - NQF4 - American Qualification - Gr 12 Equivalent

2. College Entrance Certificate (CEC) - NQF4


Universities base their acceptance of students on previous results, SAT results, NBT results, and entrance test results and finally confirm admission to universities once they have received a recognised certificate of exemption or conditional exemption, i.e. Grade 12 College Entrance Certificate.


Students will only receive a Grade 12 College Entrance Certificate for university entrance on completion of their course studies (not before) and the submission of their NBT results. SAT I results are optional yet recommended.


Accelerated Education Enterprises (AEE) will not be in a position to guarantee that students will be able to make application to all universities in South Africa as admission will be at the discretion of the individual institution and acceptance at a particular university or faculty is further dependent on a student meeting the specific entrance requirements as determined by the Senate of the institution.


Therefore ACE South Africa and Three Rivers Christian Academy is exempt from any liability in this regard.

SINCE 1992